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Turbo Repair Service Turbo_Repair_Service

$50.00 each


All turbo repair quotes require a $50 fee in advance. This fee is refundable only with your turbo repair purchase.


At Turbo Pro we repair all types and sizes of Turbochargers. For  example, we repair Turbonetics, Comp Turbo, Garrett, Borg Warner, Mitsubishi, Audi, Volvo, Ford, Chevy, Dodge, PT Cruiser, Subaru, Chrysler, Buick, DSM, GM, GMC, Pontiac, VW, Isuzu, Saab,  Porsche, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Caterpillar, Mack, Detroit Diesel, IH, and many more.

Our Turbo Repair Service department has all the specifications and equipment to repair your turbo correctly. We service natural gas, gasoline, and diesel turbos in house. We will sell and support all our products with integrity. We can upgrade your compressor wheels, turbine wheels, compressor covers, turbine housings, and thrust components to higher performance grades.

You may send your turbocharger to our turbo repair service center for a quote. Upon arrival and quote payment, we will inspect and generate a quote for you. If your turbo requires only a basic rebuild (bearings, seals, balancing, and cleaning), pricing starts at $275 plus freight for all small frame turbos. Diesel and large frame turbos start at $375 plus shipping. All casting damage and/or hard parts such as compressor wheels, turbine wheels etc are extra.

If your turbocharger requires additional products or performance parts, we will quote these materials as a add-on.

If you approve the quote, we will repair the turbocharger quickly. Once turbocharger repairs are complete, we require your final payment via major credit card unless prior arrangements are made.

If you do not approve the quote, we will ship your turbo back to you for the freight cost only. If you wish for us to re-assemble it for use as a core, we charge a small fee.

Warranty for all repairs include our materials and workmanship only. Failures for any other cause is not supported.


Before you send your turbo to us, please note the following.

  1. Be sure to include our Turbo Repair Form with your turbo.
  2. Securely pack your turbo.
  3. Please do not include flanges, oil/coolant fittings, or other items. These may not be returned!
  4. Always ship your turbo with a company that offers tracking information and insurance.
  5. We recommend insuring the unit for the full replacement value.
  6. Don't forget your Turbo Repair Form.
  7. Abandoned turbos will be forfeited!
  8. Always ship your turbo to Turbo Pro, 12003 Derwent Ln. Houston, Texas 77064
  9. If you have any questions. please call us at 713-681-1111.
  10. Please read our Warranty Policy.

 We also offer a number of other services like Compressor and Turbine Wheel Upgrades

  • Turbine Wheel Clipping

  • Balancing Services

  • Wastegate flapper service, over-sized flappers welding.

Please read our Warranty Policy